Fuji, wake up and dump that product. If so, did you remember to patch the firmware for crossflashing? Ask a question Reset. The ones in the blue box work awesome however. At first time Nero formatted this media automatically, and then no problems with burning, erasing or playback on any device Additional information: Gateway GTb, Windows Vista. Deb Poole Deb Poole.

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It just gives off an orange or green blink all the time.

The first is LtnRPC. Please wait until the drive completes its initial pass before reporting problems; this is normal. Found another fresh Maxwell cheap ‘Ritek’ disc, and fired up ImgBrn again with same. The drive CDRW speeds are: So for the curious onlookers here’s the last log if you care to analyze and offer any insights I guess the disadvantage would be no control over image duration and progression Min Hard Drive Space.

Alternatively, you can perform the rename manually using the text boxes on the right if you already know the exact media liite-on with precise punctuation and capitalization.

Lite-On DVDRW SHW-160P6S Plays Video But No Sound

Pentium 4 – 1. Medium Not Present I The low speed could indicate DMA issues or just that the burner is struggling with the burn. I also see try a slower speed than Max Comments posted by J.


If you want to patch the firmware for crossflashing or media hacking, you must use an unscrambled firmware. Instead, LiteOn drives have a feature called SMART-Xwhich is designed to automatically slow down the reading speed if data is requested at a slow rate.

Media color is Blue. PC reliability is Good. Aug 15, Nice tetrahedron by the way Find a media code of the same type as the unsupported code that you will never use and select this code. I found a lot of links that looked like they would lead to a download for the driver but all I got was taken to other pages.

LiteOn SHW-160P6S DVD+/-RW Dual +/- Layer Internal Drive

Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. LiteOn drives excel at backing up copy-protected CDs because they support the correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Newegg keeps the Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday. This list covers drive models from the era where 16x was the maximum single layer DVD write speed; 18x and above are not listed.


No, your drive is working correctly, Lite-On has just disabled this function for 20x speed. The ones in the blue box work awesome however. The ones that are new discs, pretty much indicates that the burner is struggling with those discs.

If a firmware update that contains support for a certain media type is not available, you can add support for this unsupported media type yourself. So if you have a 8x certified disc, dcdrw you will probably be able to burn the disc at 12x speed when OS is enabled. These are the ones in the grey package.

Lite-On DVDRW SHWP6S Plays Video But No Sound | Tech Support Guy

Please see post vvdrw below. Log in or Sign up. Yes but LtnFW only flashes drives prior to the 5S model. Where can I get LiteOn firmwares?